Earth & Fire: Anasazi Pottery


This ancient style of pottery originated in Southwestern American. The people who created it were wandering hunters living in and around the times of 6000 BC. The Anasazi, which means "Ancient Ones", are thought to have been ancestors of the Pueblo Indians. They settled in the Four Corners; between the states of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.

Check out this hauntingly wild and beautiful film about artist artist and primitive potter Kelly Magleby. Kelly went into the backcountry of Southern Utah with a knife and a buckskin for 10 days to try to learn about Anasazi pottery by doing it the way the Anasazi did it. This the 1st video of 2016 for The Talking Fly short documentary project by filmmaker Steve Olpin, Enjoy!

Earth and Fire: Anasazi Style Pottery from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

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