Transkei Tripping with Ocean Child

This is what you want to arrive to when you jump through the trap door into the parallel universe.

Stoked Groms!

The scenery is breathtaking...

Navigating the Locals.

Wild and empty perfection...

Surf to get you slobbering

With only two guys out you gotta love the Kei.

There are few places more beautiful on this planet to go for a surf than the Transkei's Wild Coast.

John eyes on the prize.

Sandbottom A-Frame perfection

Multiple river crossings are the norm so take a dry bag if you want to take camera gear.

Beauty, everywhere you look.

Pre Dawnie yoga - doesn't get much better than that.

All Photography © Claire Butler

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Bruce Gold Living Enviro Legend





These are just a few of the words bandied about when talking about Mr Bruce Gold.

He's a South African surfing icon with time and a smile for anyone, and everyone.

What's awesome in our eyes is his humble approach to life, awareness of the ocean, and living in his truth.

We salute you. Thanks for keeping it real, Mr Gold.

See his tough yet inspiring journey below. Shot, edited, and produced by Anders Melchior.

"Every time you go surfing. That's what you were born for. That's the peak of your life. And if the waves are really good it's like cream on top of the peak of your life" - Bruce Gold

Bruce Gold - The last of the great surfing hippies from Anders Melchior on Vimeo.
Cover Image © Peter Chamberlain

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Living Waves - Photo Art by Pierre Carreau


Pierre Carreau's connection to the ocean stems back to his days as a surfer. "Sitting on your board, touching the water—something very special happens," he says. The closer he is to the ocean, the more at peace he feels.

This is conveyed in the dreamlike pictures he captured, and turned into a series he calls "AquaViva,"

When asked about the name he simply says "Waves are living water, and no two are alike." And alive it appears to be. His use of composition and timing is spliced with a deft touch which results in a totally surreal, and unique image.

We love it, what a talent! Who's awesome work are you guys following and liking?

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This talented artist from San Diego, California focuses on the natural aspects of surfing and coastal environments.

We love the layers, and the understanding of above and below, showcased in his work.

Have a scroll through some of his truly epic pieces.

For more info, art and prints go here:

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