Birth of a Bee

The bees place in our world is important beyond our understanding.

The small little insect that works so tirelessly and quietly around us certainly is one of the reasons, if not a main reason, for the possibility of human development on earth. Without them, the development of life on earth, as we know it now, would have been much different and the conditions for human development may not have existed. The conditions we are talking about here are the appearance of the flower bearing plants and pollinators, with the bees, being the crown jewel of the pollinators. The bees, the flowers, human beings and everything that developed alongside humans are all an interconnected series of events over an enormous amount of time.

In the writings, artwork and symbolism of cultures and religions around the world from time immemorial are references to the bees and the substances they collect in Nature and make in their bodies, namely honey, bee pollen, bee propolis, royal jelly and wax. These substances, along with the bees and the beehive, have been held in high esteem throughout human history in every part of the world. The references are almost always of renewal, rebirth and new beginnings. The references are almost always about the good, positive, reinforcing things of life. They are gifts and blessings.

“Bread feeds the body, indeed, but flowers feed also the soul.

The Qur’an

Birth of a Bee from Anand Varma on Vimeo.


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Speed, Power, Flow - Griffin Colapinto at Supertubes

Hard, fast and smooth surfing from a young man looking dangerous.

Watch 17 year old Griffin Colapinto slicing and dicing it at Supers, Jbay.

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Woodies Corner Jam!


Plenty of smiles and family waves were the order of the day. Rob Hope & Jeremy Shelton styling. Image © Morrison

The Woodies Corner Jam is fast becoming a firm favourite on the surf and culture event list in Cape Town. The reason being that it's an absolute jol - and it's open to anyone and everyone. In the words of founder and organizer "it's a free-entry public get together & expression session at the place it all began for SA surfing, namely the steps of Surfers Corner.''

And the purpose of the event? ''Zero purpose other than to have a fun day with the community, and celebrate wooden surfboards.'' Hey now that is something we can totally vibe with. Community building is strong in the diverse village of Muizenberg and the surfing roots go way back as well. So far back in fact that the first SA surfboard factory was spawned in the narrow streets and it's boards test ridden on it's far reaching beaches.

A sexier lineup of sticks you'll be hard pressed to find. Image © Robb

We got down there just in time to watch the final of the logjam expression session on a chilly Cape Town day. The buzz was evident and there's nothing quite like a group of surfers getting together to share waves for a fun cause. There was a really interesting mix of individuals lining up to take to the water and amongst them none other than the grandfather of surfing in SA - Bruce Gold.

The Bruce. Image © Little

The guys put on a way out and technical display of wooden log riding and all clearly had an absolute blast. Some of the epic and unique boards ranged from Bill Bulgen's Woodpecker beauties, Strandloper's and a few sleek Burnett's, plus a couple of other special ones. Featuring twin-fin fishes, logs, an agave 9'6 gun and even a 14ft Olo.

With the surf event wrapped and everyone looking to get warm the show was moved to African Soul Surfer Backpackers for the prize giving. Crimson House ground it into 4th gear with some low down blues grooves and the beers and cheers began to flow. A number of really lekker prizes were given out but the show was stolen by Jeremy Shelton who walked away with the beautiful Hemporium surfboard shaped by Chip Williams.

Hand crafted by Chip WIlliams using super sap bio resin, 100% recycled EPS foam and hemp cloth. Image © Ackermann

Big congrats to the visionary organisers Jamie Nye and Liam Bulgen for their dedication to fun and pulling off an amazing event. Another big shout out goes to all the sponsors who supported a rocking event.

Watch the rad video below to get a visual feeling of yet another classic Woodies Logjam event.


Cover image by Dougal Paterson.

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Earth & Fire: Anasazi Pottery


This ancient style of pottery originated in Southwestern American. The people who created it were wandering hunters living in and around the times of 6000 BC. The Anasazi, which means "Ancient Ones", are thought to have been ancestors of the Pueblo Indians. They settled in the Four Corners; between the states of Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona.

Check out this hauntingly wild and beautiful film about artist artist and primitive potter Kelly Magleby. Kelly went into the backcountry of Southern Utah with a knife and a buckskin for 10 days to try to learn about Anasazi pottery by doing it the way the Anasazi did it. This the 1st video of 2016 for The Talking Fly short documentary project by filmmaker Steve Olpin, Enjoy!

Earth and Fire: Anasazi Style Pottery from Solpin Films on Vimeo.

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